Another Good Night!


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We Got Former Phillies Pitcher And Current Announcer Larry Anderson Tonight At The Bull Show. We Totaled 23 Autographs Tonight. 19 Cards, 1 Photo, 1984 Yearbook, 1993 World Series Ball, And 1 Baseball. He Was A Great Guy To Talk To And His Wife Loved My Daughter Too!

Tomorrow Night Wed. The Bill Clement Show Starts Back Up For The Hockey Season And We Will Be Seeing Claude Grioux. Last Year For The Clement Show It Was One Per Person, So We Will Have To See If That Rule Stands For This Year Too.

Thanks For Looking.


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Right on. Let me know if you had any extra (or any) Mariner cards. I know I already have 82 T & D and 83 D, but need any others.


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Larry is an awesome IP guy. I got him a few times at the Phestival and he always took the time to ask what color pen you wanted him to use, if you were having a good time, and just general small talk. Congrats.