Another great day!!


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I don't know if you have seen my posts about starting to collect Andrew Miller stuff (we have the exact same name and both have birthdays in May) - but, today I picked up a lot of stuff of his and hope to get it signed when I go to the Zephyrs/Redhawks games in May. Here is what I picked up today, and if you happen to have anything of his for trade/sale, let me know...

I also picked up some WWE autos on Ebay! :D I am expecting a few more in the next day or so.

Jim Duggan

Jim Cornette

Mickie James

Christy Hemme


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if he (andrew)is anything like he was in spring training this year, he will do them all for you.


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That reminds me, I was at the Tigers game Saturday and picked up a 8x10 "grab bag" signed photo for $30. Lone and behold, ANDREW MILLER. It's comes with MLB COA, and we can work something out for it if you are interested at all.