Another Griffey GU set completed--02 UD Diamond Collection -- check it out

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Oct 4, 2005
Just completed!! Check it out;

2002 Diamond Connection GU/02 UD Diamond Connection/

Some others Griffey GU sets I have--not all complete if you have something not in here, LMK;

2001 SP game Bat Edition GU/01 SP Game Bat Milestone Edition/

2001 SPx Winning Materials GU/01 SPx Winning Materials/

2001 UD Reserve GU/01 UD Reserve/

2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove GU/01 UD Gold Glove/

2001 UD MVP GU/01 UD MVP/

2001 Ultimate Collection GU/01 Ultimate Collection/

2002 UD Honor Roll GU/02 UD Honor Roll/

2003 Ultimate Collection GU/03 Ultimate Collection/

2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll GU/03 UD Honor Roll/

2005 Reflections GU/05 Reflections/

2005 Upper Deck Triolgy GU/05 UD Trilogy/

2006 UD Epic GU/06 UD Epic/

2007 SPx GU/07 SPx/

2007 UD Premier GU/07 UD Premier/

2008 Ballpark Collection GU/08 UD Ballpark/

2008 SPx GU/08 SPx/

2008 UD Premier GU/08 UD Premier/

2009 UD Icons GU/09 UD Icons/
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Nice set. You really have some great stuff, there. Thanks for sharing!

just starting to scan some of my Griffey GU, starting with some of the
sets that have several different GU in them. Have over 400 Griffey GU in all so don't know if I will scan them all.