Another Year of A's Cards Completed

David K.

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Congratulations on finishing two sets! I'm still working on my 2003 timeless treasures gold set (100 cards and only 10 of each were made)....only have 71% completed. Best regards, David


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Chris, congrats on crossing off another year, keep it up!

I have really enjoyed working on a very similar, but less ambitious project which I just started last year. I am going after Yankees Topps cards from all years. Here is my page:

Congrats on making at as far as you have. I really like how you have set up your page. Best of luck on completing your set. The nice part of having an ambitious project like the one I do is that there it will never be done, always gives me something to look forward to, and makes it fairly easy to trade with many people.

- Chris


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Congrats Chris. I gave up trying to complete sets long time ago. It takes too long and requires a lot of help from other collectors. I just stick to collecting in general with concentration on my favorite teams. Thanks for your help in my endeavors...