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My math may be off, but it's close:

Can I go day-to-day, or buy individual days of the OPG so that I can use the organize feature I spent countless hours adding my inventory before it was changed, for a better user experience of course. I understand. It can be expensive to outsource your IT, and you gotta pay it off somehow.
Which brings me back to my question. Can I buy access for a day, or more specifically a 24 hour period and it only counts towards the 24 hours if I'm logged on and actively using it. If your one month is $10, and one week is $8, I figure one day should cost (8 x4 = 32, 10/32 for discount saves 69%, inversely a 320% markup, which would probably be ever greater for daily, but I can only postulate with the data I have, so 7 x B = 8, divide both sides by 7 to get B = 1.14/day marked up by multiplying it by the mark up you use for the weekly should cost me $13.33/per day. Now, I'm only willing to do this if it's per 24 hour period. I'm willing to consider signing up for three years of automatic payments if we can get the details worked out.

(This should be escalated immediately to a supervisor as it's a unique account proposal that there is no current protocol, plus I'm not willing to talk to anyone that can't make the final decision considering the terms are incredibly favorable to you. Like Dwayne Micheal Carter says "I hate it when people say talk is cheap cause I'm the type that let's money talk for me.")

Thanks you for all you do,
(tried emailing but your third party service was having issues and I'm not up-to-date on your subsidiary LLC, or fourth party service(?) contact info.