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any Browns fans out there?


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just acquired two National Convention Browns team sets One is a 2004 Fleer Nat'l Convention set consisting of Andra Davis,Luke McCown rc,Dennis Northcutt,Courtney Brown,Jeff Garcia,Quincy Morgan,William Green and Kellin Winslow Jr..The other is 2004 Donruss Playoff Nat'l Convention set with Winslow Jr rc(pockmarks on lower right of card,Morgan,Green and Garcia...I bought the sets and pulled the Lee Suggs and Andre Davis cards for my pc from both sets...all I'm asking for is a few Suggs and Andre Davis cards(that I don't have) in return...lemme know if interested.


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Huge Browns fan, but already got both sets (I went to the National that year). Good luck in moving them, I know there's a decent Cleveland presence around here and a couple other sites so you should be able to find a taker.