Any confirmation on this card/set?

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW

Normally I would not blatantly advertise a rare Garvey card BEFORE it ended, just in case there are those spoiler-type guys lurking around. However, this card just smells of homemade tomfoolery.

None of my books mention a 1/1 version of these cards. It's reported that 25 of each Hawaiian card exists. The seller is claiming only the gold border/gold hologram cards are 1/1s, however that is painfully incorrect. The base autos from this set have gold borders and gold holograms. The version numbered to 25 has a silver border and is the only card that differs in appearance from the base and Hawaiian versions.

Can anyone verify or does anyone even have any offhand knowledge of a possible Kit Young Hawaiian show 1/1 card from this set?

I don't want to miss a sweet card, but I think this seller got duped or is trying to dupe me!

Oh yeah, the seller has a RARE Brooks Robinson version too.
The Gold cards have a print run of 25. The Hawaii Autographs have a print run of only 10. I don't know why someone would ruin a rare card like that.

Here is the Dawson from the set...