Any Interest in Flat Rate Boxes (Small, Medium or Large) of HOFers and Inserts ONLY?

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Jul 28, 2007
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I've been sorting and holding this kind of stuff for a while now and think it's time to move some of it. I'm looking to sell only. The only exception is I would explore a trade for a single card that has a current market value of the total cost.

I likely have enough HOFers (base only) to fill up at least two medium flat rate Priority boxes. This is also the case with football, so let me know if you have interest there too. I'd fill card boxes and put them in the flat rate boxes- as opposed to just stuffing the boxes with loose cards, which is how I do it with commons.

As far as inserts- they are going to be low-end. I probably have enough for a few 400-ct boxes, which would ship in a Priority padded envelope. For the inserts- I could probably do a 90s box, a 2000s box and 2010s to current box.

I'm thinking something in the $25-$35 DLVD range for the 400-ct box of inserts in the padded envelope. For the HOFers, I think around ten cents per card is a solid price.

Cards would be a mix of sleeved and not-sleeved. The HOFers would be a decent mix of cards. You're not going to get 500 copies of 1987 Topps Gary Carter or anything like that. Also, they won't all be from 1988-1991. A nice mix of brands, years and players. The only player from 1987-2000s that will be intentionally limited quantities is Griffey as I PC him. Also, some margin for error here- a few Clemens, McGwire and Bonds may have snuck in- as well as some guys destined for the Hall like Cabrera and Verlander.

If you're interested- let me know here or via PM and we'll try and work something out! I'm pretty flexible and easy to work with.