Any of you guys collect T206?

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
After collecting baseball cards for 30+ years I finally broke down and purchased a real's not the best example, but I figured for the price ($15) it was worth it because grading and shipping would probably cost that much?

so here is mine in all it's (faded)


any of you guys collect these? if so post up a few pics of what you have...would like to see them! famous as this set is I don't know much about any info or whatever about it would be cool as well...I might try to pick up a few of these...just something cool about them.
I don't collect them but I did pick this one up off ebay in 2001 for under $20 and then got it graded with my free submissions a couple years ago:


wow good one...kinda odd more people don't have these....took me 30 years to finally get would think people would have one in the collection...i guess since its an impossible set to put together maybe people dont want to fool with it because of the $$$
I dont have a scanner but I have these with Gold Borders;
Polar Back James Austin NY American
Piedmont William Bergen Brooklyn Nationals
American Beauty jack Knight NY American
Below plain borders
Piedmont Back Strange detriot
Piedmont Back Rossman detriot
Piedmont back Myers NY National
1933 Goudey #132 Jim Elliott Phillies really nice shape no dings or creases
[email protected] Tom
I have these 2. One was a gift, the other I bought. Rube Waddell is a very distant relative of mine, not to mention one of the best left handed pitchers ever, so I wanted to get both of his cards from this set:

I have a couple, I also have a gold border, a Cracker Jack, and three silks. Plus I just picked up a nice but trimmed 1933 DeLong a couple of weeks ago at a show to go with another I have.

Edit: Here's the scans of a $400 card slot for which I paid only $5.


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