Any other METS collectors out there? Lot up-for-grabs


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Over the years I have been trading Mets cards and have received a ton of dupes. Time has come to unload these cards as I need to make room. I have boxes and boxes of extra Mets. I am going to fit as much as I can into a medium priority mailing box but may need a large one as these cards are scattered over several boxes, and give them to the first person interested. All I ask is you cover my postage costs. Send $15.80 and it is yours.

I don't remember exactly what's in the box but most of the cards will be from 2009 and back with a couple from the 1970's. There are star cards and RC's included. Might be a few serial numbered cards too. I am pretty sure there are Gooden RC's in there. Many Piazzas to. I am not going through these and picking out the good cards. Just packing them up and shipping them. LMK if interested...thanks...Mike