Any Team Collectors? WTT ~5,000 of your team for commons


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Still working on sorting through ~250,000 FB cards and have ~3,000-5,000 per team. I would estimate 90% of these cards are 2008-2014 If you let me know your team preference, I can take time to sort and put together an alphabetical list with: a) total number of cards per player and b) number of different cards for that player. These are predominantly commons/base and I would like to trade for the same.

I don't have a ton of feedback in these forums, but have traded with a number of members previously, including multiple trades with billy-d for Denver lots. Most recently sending him out 550-580 different Broncos cards this weekend.

Let me know if you'd like to trade. Thanks for reading! Dan

Would like to trade for low end commons of the following:

QBs (past and present)
Bryant, Dez
Gronkowski, Rob
Jackson, Bo
Long, Howie
Nelson, Jordy
Sanders, Deion
Sherman, Richard
Watt, JJ

Baseball HOFers
Bumgarner, Madison
Harper, Bryce
Jeter, Derek
Jones, Chipper
Kershaw, Clayton
McCutchen, Andrew
Molina, Yadier
Posey, Buster
Rivera, Mariano
Stanton, Giancarlo
Trout, Mike

Curry, Steph
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Wow! 250,000 football cards. That does not sound all that impressive until you realize how many 5,000 count boxes that takes!!!!! Holy smokes!

I have to ask if these cards are sorted for you to hit set want lists? It seems you are sorting them out by team but I was wondering if a portion of them are sorted by set still? If you have a bunch that are still in set order, I could email you my football set email if you PM me your email address. My sets are from late 80s to mid 2000s.

I too am in the middle of an ever expanding trade with Billy-d right now. This trade started off kind of small and now is getting fairly big.

Anyways, if you can check for set needs, please pm me your email address and we'll go from there.


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I am in the same boat as symphonicmetal I have a home page in my profile with my wants if you dont mind and take a peek maybe we can work out a deal just let me know


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Thanks for the responses guys. It's admittedly a bit more difficult to hit set wants when the cards are sorted by team, but I will definitely keep the lists in mind as I'm working on others and let you know if/when I have a small pile. The lion's share of the cards (and I'll update the original post) are 2006-2015 so I don't have a large selection from the 80s or 90s.

I won't flood the forums will excessive posts but may, from time to time, post details by team to see if I can scare up a trade or two.

Thanks again the read!