anybody interested in any of these?


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a friend dropped these off at the house and wanted me to see if anbody was interested in them. he mainl collects marvin Harrison, reggie wayne, anquan boldin, ken Griffey jr, auto's/patches/rare cards but may look at others as well

nicky Delmonico 11 contenders auto
Brandon martin 11 contenders auto
kylin turnbull 11 contenders auto
travis Harrison 11 contenders auto
taylor jungmann 11 contenders auto
asdrubal Cabrera 11 topps auto
johnny cueto 08 topps chrome auto
Tyson ross 13 topps mini auto
melky mesa 13 topps chrome auto
Jorge Alfaro 13 bowman platinum auto /199
chase Utley 08 topps as relic patch
bob feller 01 bowman heritage seat card
peter tago 11 ud world of sports jersey
brad pitt 08 ud a piece of history shirt swatch
dave van horne 12 cooperstown auto /500

Michael Beasley 09/10 elite jersey 99/99

aaron Rodgers 14 topps kickoff coin
tom brady 13 topps patch ribbon pink version
Kelly Campbell 02 bowmans best auto
steve smith 10 limited jersey 012/199 jersey numbered
juron criner 12 Panini black auto 25/25
Xavier Rhodes 13 turkey red 1/1 yellow printing plate
darqueze dennard 14 prizm red/white/blue auto /100
phillip Thomas 13 score blue auto
brock osweiller 12 certified jersey /299
Austin pettis 10 limited auto/patch/rc /299 (3 colors)
t.j. graham 12 contenders auto
lesean McCoy 14 topps kickoff coin
leonard Wilkerson 14 topps kickoff coin
Vincent brown 11 threads prime jersey 50/50
mike Williams 10 certified fotg jerse 250/250
chris mcgaha 10 rookies and stars rc/auto 299/299
Brandon Thompson 12 pp sportstown auto 001/149
nate Washington 11 topps precision auto 99/99
jawan Jamison 13 prizm auto
chris harper 13 topps mini auto /265
Jamie harper 13 topps mini jersey /57
geno smith 13 topps mini jerse /57
colt McCoy 11 topps gameday auto
kenbrell thompkins 13 turkey red auto

misc stuff-
meryl davis 14 topps Olympics figure skating swatch
Elliott sadler 13 ignite hot threads firesuit
stevie Richards 08 topps ultimate rivals wwe auto
john cena 08 topps ultimate rivals wwe shirt
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I am interested in the Aaron Rodger, Tom Brady,John Cena, Xavier Rhodes and Leshaun McCoy i have many cards of Marivn Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Griffey


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I can make one. Is he interest in all cards of these players? I have a few gued,some rookie and many inserts and base. I also am not that far away from u in Frazee,MN and work in White Earth


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Hi -

I have these cards of the Football players youre looking for. I'd love to swap for your Baseball. LMK. Thanks!


2001 Bowman 1996 Rookies BRC5 Marvin Harrison (IND) ($4)
2007 Donruss Threads Century Stars CS-17 Marvin Harrison (IND) ($2.50)
2007 Score Glossy 222 Marvin Harrison (IND) ($2)
2007 UD Super Bowl Champs Predictors SBP-14 Marvin Harrison & Peyton Manning & Joseph Addai (IND) ($8)
2012 Score RC Flashbacks 230 Marvin Harrison (IND) ($2.50)

2006 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome Black Refractors 97 Reggie Wayne (IND) ($3)
2010 Topps Chrome Xfractors C176 Reggie Wayne (IND) ($5)
2011 Topps Faces of the Franchise FF-MW Peyton Manning & Reggie Wayne (IND) ($3)
2013 Topps Legends in the Making LM-RW Reggie Wayne (IND) ($1)

2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven Branded B3 Anquan Boldin (1017/1250) (AZ) ($3)
2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven Branded B3 Anquan Boldin (1141/1250) (AZ) ($3)
2004 Playoff Honors Rookie Year RY-16 Anquan Boldin (AZ) ($3)
2007 Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum Silver 62 Anquan Boldin (063/100) (AZ) ($6)
2007 UD Rookie Exclusive Photo Shoot Flashback RPS3 Anquan Boldin (AZ) ($0.75)
2012 Topps Gold 57 Anquan Boldin (1332/2012) (BAL) ($3)


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mingoj, he is mainl interested in patches and auto's along with rare cards, not really interested in base for the ones you want. also don't know if you know but there is a show this Saturday in moorehead at the courtyard marriot that I am setting up at

scobes, he has those already