Anyone building the 08 Masterpieces Stroke of Genuis Set or Collect Hunter Pence?

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Jan 4, 2004
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Ok, weird thing, I've had this card for about 2 months and have not seen one.
I'm guessing this card was not suppose to exist or somehow got out.
This was pack pulled from a pack back in November and I didn't think it was anything more then just a regular version Autograph. Anyhow I went onto and the newest and even the first month 08 UD Masterpieces were put into the beckett... and neither indicate this card. Pence should be booked in there because his autos hold value better then an Unlisted Star so you'd think he be in there but he isn't. So I checked beckett online and the 07 stroke of genius autograph exists of course for his rookie year, but this one, the 08 version is not listed.
So my question is, is this A SP? or a Not Supposed to be Released SP? Either way, I'm pretty excited on what I have here since so many people build the Stroke of Genius Set since it's on card.

Anyway if anyone knows anything, since I know there a few stroke of genius set collector's on here along with Pence Collector's, that would be great!
I am trying to do the set and yes I do have the Pence card. It is not included on the Beckett checklist which is incomplete and is assumed to be a short print. Jim
John (Soxfan33) built this set I believe. You should contact him.

Great to hear, do you know any idea on any value or scarcity run on this card? Have you seen any of these on any other sites? (ebay, sportlots, here, etc)?
I bought mine off the bay $18.99 shipped about a month ago.