Anyone collect Bowman chrome anymore?

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Hawaiian BamBam

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Hey Guys,
Ive been out of the non autograph side of collecting for some time now and I was wondering is it still profitable to collect a players bowman chrome rookie card in hopes of him being the next big player? i think refractors are still where the money is? or can money be made with the bowman chrome RC of the right player? or would you invest more in refractors or the colored refractors? Thanks

David K.

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I'm still into the Bowman Chrome cards. It has its up/down side. Last year pulled G. Torres bowman chrome red auto 2/5 and it sold for over 599.95 on ebay. Nothing from Bowman 2016.....2016 Bowman Chrome opened three venting boxes and pulled a 2016 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager gold auto and it sold for $299.99. So the cost of the three venting boxes was only $60.00! Building rainbows of the chrome colored refractors is still big. Best regards, David PS I gave a orange, gold, green, blue, purple of corey seager to a friend......also have one for dlackey's daughter of Mike Trout!

Hawaiian BamBam

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Thank you for your help, i appreciate it very much especially since i have been out of the bowman chrome game for a bit. thats cool to pull a red auto an a corey seager!

Last time i prospected dee gordon, i must of had 20+ of his bowman chrome card thinking i would make money, i ended up selling them in bulk for about $1.00 each! yippee! (being sarcastic) so that burned me out big time on the chrome.

just a few more questions please for anyone that can answer them for me, please

is it better to buy boxes of hobby, or retail or vending boxes to get refractors and autos? should i go back to buying boxes at target and walmart in hopes of finding a "big pull"

does anyone really make money on chrome rookie cards or is it now in the refractors? or is the money only in refractor autographs?

am i correct in assuming anything numbered is where the money is?

what color refractors are possible, red, yellow, green, blue and purple? any other colors?

when you say building color refactor rainbows, does that mean just basically collecting one of each color of #d refractors? and is that signed or unsigned?

would it even be possible or is it possible for a collector to have every single #d card of a refractor, such as refractors numbered/499, is it possible or not likely for one person to collect all 499 refractors ?

i ask these questions because kris bryant winning the MVP got me to start thinking, what if someoen has every single one of his chrome refractors and sold them now, they would be rich!

Thank you for your help.
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