Anyone collect dodgers ttm/ip?

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Hawaiian BamBam

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Dec 25, 2008
looking for dodgers, please pm if you have any dodgers for trade/sale, thanks

would also love to see some dodgers collections to inspire me to get one started myself!
I have about 40 different here. They are at the very end of the scans, after the certified cards. Plus a couple of postcards that were trimmed, but signed.

These are mostly minor leaguers and nobody players. I pretty much keep one of any Dodger card I come across signed. After that, I'll keep dupes if they are good players/cards only.
I have the following in Dodger uniforms:
James Loney
Juan Castro (Minor League)
Tim Leary
Reggie Smith (7x All-Star)
Ken Lehman (Brooklyn Dodgers)
Charlie Hough