Anyone concerned about baseball?

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The amount of money that the owners want in revenue and the salaries that the players want to earn, equals higher ticket prices to the fan. I disagree with the players wanting the minimum salary raised. If you want more money, earn it on the field.......or hire Scott Boras as your agent, lol.... The next CBA meetings will have the players wanting another minimum salary raise. The players complain about matching inflation, shoot, I've been in the Navy for 21 years and I've never had an annual raise that met inflation! If I'm surviving on my high 5 digit salary, then a ball player making mid 6 digit figures should be able to survive. It's called living within your means.

Rant over,
Yeah Shipmate! Let them know….
I’m so stoked right now for baseball it’s not even funny!

And Khalil Mack is going to my Chargers, GOOD NIGHT Mahomie…LOL
Maybe, unless he plays like he did for the Bears...HAHAHAHAHAHA!
There was that one game at Lambeau early in his first season, he had a good game.

I remember it because one of the announcers said the bears would be winning the NFC north for years to come, because of his arrival in Chicago. Lol