Anyone for player or team lots? (cards ranging from 60s to present)

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Nov 30, 2021
Colorado Springs
So, I have about 15-20,000 cards here and have a ridiculous amount of some players and would love to get them to new homes of someone who would appreciate them. I can also do teams. Whatever you want really. Looking to trade for stuff I like or can use (lots Broncos, HoFers and then just kinda stuff from all over the place, we can talk) or willing to sell for very cheap. Doesnt ust hav to be big stars. I can do wwhoever you want.I know the most I have of one player is Peyton Manning with 200 or so cards and then loads of guys trailing jjust behind him.. I have most inventoried so they are easy to pull up and those that arent I will do, no problem. I have stuff goinfg al lthe way back to 1969. PM me if interested. Thanks
Any LaDainian Tomlinson Rookies (2001) or Adrian Peterson Rookies (2007)? I know I can help you with your vintage football and Bronco needs.