anyone have any ttm success with these guys?

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Hawaiian BamBam

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Dec 25, 2008
before i waste stamps and my time, has anyone had any success(recent success) with any of the following guys ttm:
derek jeter
mariano rivera-thinking of sending him in spring training
jorge posada
alex rodriguez
chase utley
gary carter
roy halladay
rickey henderson
albert pujols
andy pettitte
alrodis chapman
buster posey
Pettitte and Rivera have had done so once in a blue moon, Posey sent out the busy letter at the end of ST this year, and the rest don't bother trying.
i got almost all of these guys ttm, except for arod.posey and chapman, years and years ago, but sold them on ebay when times got tough, now that times are better id like to get those autos again(yeah, i know, i should of kept them!) i especially want to get a jeter,posada and rivera was wondering if anyone had luck recently with those three players as those are the guys id really like to get again.
I sent 2 times to Mariano Riviera, but no returns.However, I did have a success with Andy Pettitte last year.
I'm like 0-5 with Rivera, Gary Carter signs for $25 donation, Utley sends out preprint, Pettitte signs now and then just like Rivera and Posey starting sending out I'm to busy letters but might sign again come beginning of spring training
I am 1-for-1 with Rivera. I sent him an 8x10 and it came back signed beautifully. Sent it Spring Training '08.

Don't often see successes with him with cards. But if you want to send him a card try a large/odd shaped envelope. This type of approach has worked for me with players who typically receive a large volume of fan mail.

Good luck!
I got back from Rivera from Spring Training earlier this year. First time I sent to him too. Guess I was lucky.