APBA cards - How do you tell what year they are????

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Oct 20, 2002
I am looking for some help with APBA cards.
How do you tell what year they are.
I have a number of sets and I was able to match them up to some roster sheers I haave but I have a chance to buy a large lot of unorganized cards and I need to have some why to sort them if I deside to cut a deal for them.

Any help would be great.
Also is there a site out thier that has checklist
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I don't think you can w/o referencing then against known sets. Someone who plays may be able to tell though, based on the numbers on the card.

I can help you ID most Dodger sets & a few Padre sets by the Garvey cards, but from there I can't be of much more help. I still need a couple years myself.
I dont know much about them but recently picked up a new box set. On the box it says 1993 in tiny print, on one side of the cards it says 1993 but has a copy right of 1995 on them too. Im guessing they are 1995's? I just wanted the maddux & CJ so im trying to trade away the rest if anyone is interested.
Reprint versions, that might explain why i have two versions of one card.

1995 APBA Pro Baseball Board Game TM of SAI
1995 APBA Pro Baseball Board Game TM of MMI
They are a pain in the A** to identify the year. I collect Dave Winfield cards and it has been way to big of an effort to distinguish years prior to 1985. They started printing the date on them in 1985.