Review Apex soccer (futbol) -- m l s


5.00 star(s)

2 mini boxes -- 32 cards per mini box

2 autos and 1 memorabilia card per box

I received these:

50 unique base cards

Apex Soccer is the premier issue for MLS. The cards are stiff and the action shots are crisp. The front of the card is a bit 'busy' - considering the soccer player uses his feet primarily and they are covered up in many of the shots.... looks like they are playing in water... That being said, they do look good and I have been told that they pretty much flew off of the shelves here in O'do (especially now that we have an MLS team.)

The reverse of the card is simple with a few facts about the player - no specific stats are given (at least from the cards that I have seen - i.e. shots blocked, goals scored, etc...

I believe the base set is 100 cards and I received 50% of the base set.



Gold #ed to 50 - Dax McCarty
Orange #ed to 25 - Nick Rimando

Captains // Alliances

2 Captains - McCarty and Parkhurst
Alliances - Kamara-Higuain


Javier Morales


Felipe Martins

Game Used Ball


#ed to 35

This is the first thick die cut card that I believe that I have ever pulled. It is very cool. The piece of the ball is multicolored and multidimensional. Topps did a fantastic job on this piece.


Apex Soccer (Futbol) is an excellent issue for the MLS soccer fan here in the US. Soccer seems to be growing a bit and soccer cards could be a good growth segment. One will have a number of parallels to chase - orange, red, and several others. One should be able to come relatively close to a base set with just 2 boxes.

Both autos I received are stickers - but both look good.

Overall grade A and A+++ for the ball relic card!

Go buy several boxes and go to several of the MLS games in your area.