Review Apex Soccer

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5.00 star(s)

One Master box - 2 mini boxes
32 cards per mini box
2 autos and 1 memorabilia card per box

I received the following:

48 Base cards - no dupes!!


Apex Soccer or futbol as the rest of the world calls the sport is a good middle of the road set - meaning not inexpensive yet not beyond the reach of the everyday collector. The cards are well done - however, a bit dark for my taste. I prefer a lighter background where the player stands out more. The player picture is glossy while the background is a matte.

The reverse is simple with 3-4 facts/highlights of the players MLS career. As with all cards that have a black or very dark front, they are corner sensitive - should anyone want to have one graded.

Global Influence

6 unique Global Influence


2x Golazo


2 color jumbo relic - Dave Ousted - #to 50
Very thick card - well done!!


Diego Valeri
Sean Franklin #ed to 99

Both are sticker autos - the card is designed for the sticker and they look pretty good - still on the dark side.


For the set builder, one should be able to complete a base set with as few as 3 master boxes of Apex Soccer.

Kick17 cards and packs are advertised on the mini box, and I did not receive any of these.

Overall grade B -- too dark for me....

Go buy a master box or 3 and see what jumbo patch or relic you pull -- they really do look good!!



5.00 star(s)
We have one Stony Brook guy in pro soccer -- Leo Fernandes -- and I keep waiting for him to show up in one of these soccer sets. Looks like he's not on this checklist, though. Someday!