Approaching a minor milestone

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Aug 11, 2010
New York
I have only been on this site since aug. I only completed one trade that month, so we'll say I've been on full time since Sept 1. In under 4 months I'm approaching my 1st milestone toward HOF. BY Dec 31st, I will have cracked the 250 posts and 50 bench points (at 5.0 might I add) plateau. Not bad, for someone who was still a MSF trader up until almost thanksgiving. I always try to help any member with their needs if I can fill them, and have only run into a couple of lets say "less friendly folks" in this community. As some of you know my g/f was laid off of work 2 weeks ago today, and it was very unexpected. When your thinking paychecks and holiday parties and bonuses, instead you get laid off it puts things in a different perspective. I have been forced to put some cards on ebay, and as some of you know I have a HOF GU list at 60% bv here on bench, that Im hoping will bring in some paypal. If you know anyone who may need any of my ebay items, my link is to the left. Or if you are looking to purchase any HOF GU or any cards I may own, let me know. I can use it right now. I hope the New Year brings in a better year then the way this year finished out. Here's to me digging out of hole, and hitting next plateau next year.
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POST #250!!! Now just need any of my pending trades to be completed and I've accomplished my minor milestone.