Archives Baseball 2019


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Archives Baseball 2019​

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
2 - on-card autos per box

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I received these:

'58 Design

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57 of the 100

'75 Design

<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

57 of the 100

'93 Design

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57 of the 100

SP - extension - 30 cards

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3 of each design - 58, 75 and 93

Archives -- very good issue for all of us to remember the history of this fantastic game. Archives contains cards of rookies, current stars/players, and iconic players no longer with us or guys that have retired from everyday performance.

The set builder should like this set, although I found it curious that I received 57 of each 'year' and 3 of each SP year.... If that collation holds, one could conceivably pick the right 2 boxes and only be 12 cards shy of a complete set - including SP's.... if only I could be that fortunate!!! One would most probably need 3-4 boxes to complete the base and the SP's w/o the 'bay.

The player collector shouldn't have much trouble picking up most of the parallels of their favorites. Veteran auto seekers should also like the hunt.

Topps does well in preserving the integrity of the historical sets with the current cards. Each design follows very well with it's predecessor.


Blue Parallel

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Starlin Castro #ed to 175

Ichiro Tribute/ Expos Tribute

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Ichiro #6 and #15
Expos - Tim Wallach

Topps Magazine / Future Stars

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Topps Mag - Ohtani, Ramirez, Jeter, Rizzo, Ripken, Jr.
Future Star - Acuna and Kopech

On Card Autos

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Cliff Floyd

<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

Joe Pepitone


On card autos look excellent - both blue Sharpee -- probably could have chosen a better photo for Floyd to autograph - blue auto/blue shirt, but it still looks good. I like on card autos - knowing the player touched the card and not a page of stickers.

My favorite insert is the Topps Magazine insert. Well done!

Overall grade A

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays - parallels and all to me!



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Nice review - thanks!

Another release that I will pass on - but will try to chase down the Ichiro insert set. With that said - what can I get you for the two Ichiros (6/15) from your break?


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Have two boxes coming Tuesday. Will save the Ichiro for you katester!

Duane, did you get the baez or trout "sp" cards? I don't know that it's actually an sp.