Are my Serial Numbered cards worth scanning?

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Apr 23, 2008
Granted I have 1/1's a lot numbered below 25 etc... But the time it takes is ridiculous when I have like 800 or more. A lot are moments but still.... Just wondering other collectors takes on this. It would be pretty much for myself anyway... Cause people just glance over it. Not like they take as much pride in your collection as you do, but was just wondering. Thanks.
i'm only scanning one each of mine unless i have a jersey number or 1/1 or like 299/299 or something like that...just cuz i think those are
If it something you would enjoy looking at then yes, if it is not for your pleasure I say no. Me I like to look at my cards to much so I have scanned every Bgs cards I own even if it is a 7.5 so in the end it is your call good luck in whatever you decide.
I was contemplating the same thing last night. I was inspired by Loyalty32 and his recent scanning work to scan the rest of our Randy Johnson collection. But, I must have 800-1000 serial numbered cards. So far, I have decided to just scan ones numbered under 50, but that is just a guide. If I have some insert sets that make a cool rainbow, I'll probably scan all of them regardless of the numbering. I just can't imagine the time need to scan all of them.

I have scanned almost 900 cards in about 6 hours one night. I feel it is worth it because I can look at my photo bucket and look for a card. They also can be in order as listed by beckett.
Scan what ever you like (and have time for), it's you collection!

My scanning time is very limited, so I only have my game used and autos scanned, my pre-1960's, and some oddball items. I would love to have everything in my collection scanned someday (even my 1988 Topps!).

If you break the project into smaller bits, it could help too...If you need to scan 800 items, you can do 8 (horziontal) or 9 (vertical) per scan, once a day and the 800 cards will be scanned in about three month time.

No matter what you do, have fun with it and keep up the collection!
I don't even scan GU and Autos anymore. If something looks cool, I scan it, otherwise, I just don't have the time. If it's just for your own PC, then scan whatever you like to look at.
I scan all of my Kazmir cards whether they be base or not.. I think it's fun to have everything scanned so you can see the base next to the parallels and inserts and what not.. the only thing I didn't scan is the Moments and Milestones besides the 1/1s..