At least it's low numbered!

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Oct 16, 2006
outside of Boston
Hey all!

Some of you may remember my thread of a bunch of garbage box breaks that I had a few weeks ago. I got pretty hosed. Anyway, the one possible helper was a Mystery Cuts redemption from 2007 Sweet Spot. It was expired, but UD sent me something anyway.


I wasn't too familiar with him until I googled him. I liked him in the movie "Duel".

Not sure how I should feel. It is a 1/1 of a deceased actor, but it just didn't help make me feel better about my breaks. :rolleyes: Gotta love UD! I almost would have felt better if they just said it was expired and sent me a couple of packs.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking.
Depending on what redemption you would've gotten, I think this might be on par with what you were going to get. At least it's not a faded auto like the 07 sweet spot.
Duel was a great one. I have that on VHS! Imagine a movie like that made now. Nobody would watch it and they'd call it boring!

I think you should consider yourself lucky (not on the bad break, but because you got something...anything for an expired redemption. The company doesn't lose or gain anything by not redeeming the expired cards, but can look good by doing something like this after the fact.

I can see how a sports collector would feel disappointment in getting a movie star auto, but it's still a nice gesture by UD.
Duel was an Awsome movie! Think it was Spielburg's first directorial effort.


I think you're right. That was a great movie...been a long time since I've seen it, but I think there's almost no spoken words in it if I remember correctly. That's one of the reasons it is so good. It's a great late-night flick.
and it is a nice clean auto. it would look good in my collection as well. i have an interesting mix of non sports stuff