Atention seattle seahawk and minnesota viking team collectors


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I just did a trade with a Cowboy team collector requiring me to sort through about 16,000 cards. In the process of doing so I noticed a lot of Seahawk and Viking cards. I would be looking to trade those for Baseball, specifically, Pete Rose anything, any sport or non sport starter lot that I do not have in my collection yet (I love to build/complete sets) or even 45 RPM records or LP's. If interested, let me know what you have and I can meet the value of what your interested in. Or if I need to document what I have it may take a little longer but its not a deal breaker. It is mostly 90's base cards but I am sure there is a surprise or two in the lot. Please feel free to contact me here or, for a quicker response, Thank you.

God Bless - Billy