Attention Set Collectors...

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in an effort to spur some trading,and find my unwanted cards a good home,I will soon be listing a lot of my base
partial sets and extras on my website under the tab "base for sale or trade"...Keep in mind,I won't be listing each individual card,but if you look at the brands and years I have available...and find one you've shelved,just send me a want list and I will see what I have in said set.
I really prefer trading...and what I mean by "sale" will probably be the absolute very minimum that I can part with(which won't be much).None of that "plus shipping" crap. Most are gonna be commons and minor stars ,and minor rookies .not gonna have any Brady or Manning rookies
But anyhow,look in the near future at my site and see if there is a set you wanna dust off and attempt to finish.Maybe I can help,maybe I can't , but I'll try.
In the meantime , while I gather my boxes and start listing , maybe you guys out there could post a set or two you may be looking to fill.
A lot of them are Topps,Bowman,the Chromes,Prizm and such from around 2007 to date...oh,and I do have some older ones, like 1984 thru 86 and 1977 thru 79...,
If this would be beneficial to some set builders,just let me know and I'll get started as soon as time permits.