August Is Looking Pretty Good! :D


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Hey guys,
It has taken me 359 days to reach success #150 but I finally got there today as well as a pretty nice start on the next 150! :D

Success #150:
Roy Sievers 2/2 c/o Home in 11 days (#31 for my Legends set. Unfortunately, didn't add any inscriptions. Still a nice success though.)

Success #151:
Shelby Miller 1/1 c/o Quad Cities River Bandits in 11 days

Success #152:
Jason Botts 2/2 c/o Syracuse Chiefs in 11 days (Both of them are inscribed "To Arron, Swing Hard - Jason Botts." I think that's the coolest inscription I've ever gotten. :D)

Success #153:
Jim Lonborg 2/2 c/o Home in 11 days (#32 for my Legends set. Added the requested inscriptions of "Cy Young '67" and "1967 All-Star.")

Thanx for looking!


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Dude I had no clue Botts signed TTM, I always wait for him to get on Facebook to ask him, but I guess it would be alright to try a card, lol :)