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Autograph Baseballs for sale or trade


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Still downsizing and moving stuff out.

Here is a list of autograph baseballs that I have for sale - all are priced to sell.
All of these balls were either singed at RedsFest, in stadium or most were signed at various National Collectors Conventions in Chicago or Anaheim
I wanted to offer this up to collectors first before I take it to ebay.

It costs $7.00 to properly pack and ship a baseball in a ball cube - so that's the shipping cost.
I only ship first class with tracking.

I will also consider trading these for cards that I want or need, but that is going to require an agreement on the translation of cash price to book value.

Payment is welcome through paypal friends and family or venmo.

Let me know if you see something you are interested in and I can shoot a picture and send it to you. I didn't want to go through all of that unless someone is interested in something. I will be sending these to ebay this weekend if no one is interested.
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