Autograph FT updated

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Jan 10, 2009
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Statesville, NC
Here is my updated list of autographs FT. This has been updated since the season ended. I will look at all tradelists. I don't need anything in particular just want to add more to my IP or TTM autograph collection.
Autographs FT

Accardo, Jeremy 06 Topps
Anderson, Josh 08 Topps
Andriese, Matt 2015 Bowman
Aplin, Andrew 13 Topps Pro Debut
Barr, Jim 1980 Topps
Bell, Heath 2012 Bowman Gold
Bruett, J.T. 91 Line Drive AAA
Buchanan, Jake 2014 Oklahoma City Redhawks
Carrera, Ezequiel 13 Topps Heritage black sharpie
Cash, Kevin 02 Topps
Casilla, Alexi 09 Bowman
Chambers, Adron 12 Topps Heritage( rookie card only one of four signed)
Chapman, Kevin 2013 Oklahoma City Redhawks
Conger, Hank 2011 Topps
Davis, Erik 13 Choice
Deduno, Samuel 2014 Topps
Delcarmen, Manny 2006 Topps Heritage
Diamond, Scott 2013 Topps
DiPoto, Jerry 1993 Fleer Update
Durango, Luis 2010 Topps Pro Debut
Feliz, Michael 2014 Bowman
Fontana, Nolan 2013 USA Baseball Champions
Freeman, Ronnie 13 Bowman Prospects
Furbush, Charlie 2012 Topps
Grossman, Robbie 13 USA Baseball Champions
Gutierrez, Franklin 2012 Topps
Guzman, Ronald 13 Hickory Crawdads
Gyorko, Jedd 2011 Bowman
Hebner, Richie 1976 Topps
Hibbard, Greg 91 Topps
Hinch, A.J. 1989 Topps
Hoes, L.J. 2013 IL Top Prospects
Johnson, Dan 2011 Topps
Kaline, Al 2011 Topps 60 Years of Topps
Keppel, Bob 04 Choice
Klutts, Mickey 1980 Topps
Lecure, Sam 2010 Bowman Draft Picks
Lerud, Steven 2006 Hickory Crawdads
Lewis, Fred 2007 Topps 52
Lowe, Mark 2009 Topps
Marrero, Chris 08 Tri Star
Martin, Brett 2015 Bowman
McCatty, Steve 90 Pacific Senior
Meads. Dave 88 Score
Meek, Evan 2012 Topps
Meyer, Brian 1990 Donruss
Montgomery, Mike 11 Topps Pro Debut
Moore, Tyler 11 Bowman Prospects
Moskos, Daniel 07 Justifiable
Neshek, Pat 2007 Grandstand New Britain
Norton, Greg 1999 Stadium Club
Ortiz, Luis (P) 2014 Bowman Draft
Owens, Rudy 13 Oklahoma City Redhawks
Petit, Gregorio 2008 Bowman Draft
Quinones, Luis 1992 Fleer
Quintanilla, Omar 04 Bowman
Reichert, Dan 04 Choice Indianapolis Indians
Rosenbaum, Daniel 12 Harrisburg Senators
Rua, Ryan 2012 Topps Pro Debut
Sellers, Justin 07 Just Minors
Schrom, Ken 1986 Topps
Smithson, Mike 1986 Topps
Soto, Neftali 08 Donruss Elite
Spencer, Shane 96 Fleer Excel
Stassi, Max 2011 Topps Pro Debut
Stewart, Ian 2004 SAL Top Prospects
Strom, Brent 1976 Topps
Stubbs, Drew 08 Tristar Projections
Thompson, Trayce 2011 SAL Top Prospects
Thornton, Matt 03 Donruss
Tucker, Preston 2014 Topps Heritage
Tucker, Scooter 92 Donruss The Rookies
Uehara, Koji 2010 Topps
Velez, Eugenio 10 Upper Deck
Villar, Jonathan 2013 Topps Update
Wallace, Brett 13 Oklahoma City Redhawks
****, Chien-Ming 06 Topps
White, Frnak 1985 Donruss ( a green leaf is beside the Donruss symbol)
Williams, Jerome 03 Topps Traded
Williams, Reggie 1986 Fleer Update
Young, Walter 02 Stadium Club
Zawadzki, Lance 2010 Topps Update


Dantley, Adrian 90 Skybox
Dumars, Joe 91 Upper Deck
Wolf, Joe 90 Pro Set
Woodson, Mike 05 Topps Total


Armour, Justin 96 Donruss
Childress, Ray 89 Pro Set
Montoya, Max 90 Pro Set
Parsons, Bob 81 Topps ( Streaky)
Skladany, Tom Kroger Ohio State Police


Hill, Mike 92 Pro Set
Knox, Kenny 90 Pro Set
Sindelar, Joey 01 Upper Deck