Autos for trade

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Jan 10, 2009
Statesville, NC
I have these TTM/IP autographs for trade


Joe Mather 2009 Topps

Chris Dickerson 2007 Topps originals , 2009 Topps

John Tamargo 1981 Topps

Einar Diaz 2005 Topps Total, 2001 Fleer Platinum, 2002 Topps

Brendan Katin 2007 Bowman Heritage

Eric Munson 2004 Fleer Tradition

Jerome Williams 2006 Upper Deck

Roger Mason 1993 Topps

Chris Heintz 2006 Upper Deck

Hayden Penn 2005 Bowman

Chris Speier 1984 Topps

Ernie Whitt 1989 Donruss, 1988 Topps

Roric Harrison 1976 Topps (ballpoint)

John Smiley 1988 Score

Brent Abernathy 2002 Fleer Tradition

Chris Richard 2001 Vintage

Chris Snelling 2003 Leaf Certified Materials

Joe Vitiello 1996 Fleer


Joe Wolf 1990 Hoops

Mike Woodson 1986 Fleer, 2004 Topps total


Bob Gainey (HOF) 1990 Pro Set

Andy Bathgate (HOF)

Norm Ullman (HOF)


Jake Delhomme 2004 Topps Draft Picks

Ray Lucas 2000 Topps

Steve Tasker 1996 Donruss Press Proof

Jim Breech 1991 Pro Set

Other CArds

Tom Browning 1986 Fleer Baseball's Best Acquired from allstartrades (in sealed slab)

Frank Pastore testimony pamphlet

Eddie Taubensee testimony card

Mike Fitzgerald testimony card

Jack Heidemann business card

Smeared cards

Mike Hampton

Jose lima

Casey Janssen

LMk if interested in any of these

Roger Mason 1993 Topps ( if in Phils uniform )

Bob Gainey (HOF) 1990 Pro Set

Andy Bathgate (HOF)

Norm Ullman (HOF)

Jake Delhomme 2004 Topps Draft Picks

I can use these, lmk if you need anything here:


81 Don. Dallas Green
02 Topps Travis Lee
87 Topps J. Samuel
92 Classic Best R. Bottalico
92 Don. Joe Boever
89 Topps Mike Maddux

90-91 ProSet K. Samuelsson
84-85 Topps Dave Poulin
92-93 Pinn. P. Eklund
05-06 UD ATG Finalist R. Hextall
92-93 Pinn. K. Dineen
98-99 MVP J. LeClair

90-91 Score Denis Savard - Hawks
91 Ultimate A. Delvecchio - Red Wings
91-92 Pinn. J. LeClair (has ink spots on back from other auto in envelope ) Canadiens
93 Classic HKY Draft Cammi Granato
90-91 Topps Team Scoring LDRS C. Neely - Bruins
92-93 Pinn. Pavel Bure - Canucks
91 Ultimate Johnny Bower - Leafs
91-92 UD Michel Goulet - Hawks
91-92 UD Can. Cup J. Roenick - USA
89-90 Topps G. LaFleur - Rangers
90-91 ProSet Kevin Stevens - Penguins

91 UD Ray Childress - Oilers
90 Fleer C. Okoye - Chiefs
95 Classic Silver Steve McNair ( deceased ) college
97 UD Legends Jim Hart - Cards
90 Topps Steve Atwater - Broncos
92 ProSet Power Neal Anderson - Bears
89 ProSet Jay Novacek - Cards
90 Topps J. George - college
88 Topps Harry Carson - Giants

91 UD D. Plesac - Brewers
85 Topps Joe Niekro ( deceased ) - Astros
99 Topps Eric Milton - Twins
89 Topps Bobby Meachem - Yankees

lmk. thanks, Bill
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I still have the Mason (who is in a Phils uniform), Ullman, and Bathgate. I have someone who wants the Gainey and the Delhomme but if they don't get back with me soon, they will also by available.

I could use a lot of yours but right now I could use these


I will get back with you by tomorrow on the other two.

Dave, the Tekulve was traded, I forgot to delete it from my list, sorry about that. lmk when you hear from the other guy there no rush. thanks, Bill