Autos this summer

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Jun 2, 2010
West Allis, Wi
I got two ttm back this summer and one in person

Kent Hrbek 2/2 back in about a month
Tom Brunansky 2/2 just under two months
and Geoff Jenkins @ Waukesha Sports Cards the end of August
Congrats on your successes!

Does Kent charge a few now? I see where some have posted on other sites he charges. I have sent him twice with no luck.
He didn't for me. I sent the the Bloomington Address. I've also met him a few times at TwinsFest, so this was my fourth sig of his. Not sure why you haven't had sucess. Would be willing to trade one. (2005 Topps Fan Favorite or 1992 Upper Deck)

Looking for autos of players I've seen play. Long list but mostly Twins and Brewers from 83-present