Awesome Player Collection Mailday


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Had to post this seperate from the pick up thread, picked up soem super nice cards for the Player collections this week, mostly here, a few on another site!

02 UD Authentics Reverse Negatives Jersey

04 LCM FOTG AL/NL Jersey /100

04 Leaf Home Away Jersey Second Edition A

04 UD Authentic Stars Jersey

08 UD HEroes Red

1999 Split Screen Dual Refractors Maddux/Glavine

1999 Sports Illustrated Diamond Dominators

1999 Paramount Platinum Blue

2001 Topps Chrome Retrofractor

Derrek Lee
2008 UD Ballpark 311

2008 Premier Remnants Quad

2009 Icons Jersey


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Hey Slavlite
Great looking additions to your already impressive collection. Mighty fine job keep up the great work on your Maddux collection


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Great cards !!!

Slightly OT, lmk if you need any of these for your collection:

'93 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle Greg Maddux / Mike Mussina
'95 Donruss Mound Marvels Greg Maddux


'95 Bowman's Best Refractor
'95 Classic 5-Sport Autograph

'96 Bowman's Best Refractor
'96 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor
'97 Donruss Signature Series Autograph

'98 Bowman Gold Anniversary #'d/50
'98 Leaf Fractal Matrix Diamond Axis #'d/50
'98 Stadium Club One of a Kind #'d/150 (x2)
'98 UD3 Die-Cut #'d/100
'98 Ultra Series 2 Platinum #'d/98

'99 SP Signature Edition Autograph
'02 UD 40 Man Holofoil #'d/40


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55Marlins, wow I can use all of these, Nice Derrek Lee's!!!
'96 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor 10.00
'98 Bowman Gold Anniversary #'d/50 (is this chrome or reg Bowman? Chrome bv 12 Reg bv 15
'98 Leaf Fractal Matrix Diamond Axis #'d/50 BV 20.00
'98 Stadium Club One of a Kind #'d/150 BV 10.00
'98 UD3 Die-Cut #'d/100 BV 12
'98 Ultra Series 2 Platinum #'d/98 BV 12.00
'02 UD 40 Man Holofoil #'d/40 BV 12.00

total BV 91.00

As far as Josh Johnson goes I have this available:
2006 Olsen/ Johnson Topps Co Signers Dual AUTO 57 10-25.00
Liriano I have this
2006 Francisco Liriano Topps Co-Signers AUTO 104 6.00-15.00

I have some Johnson and Liriano Inserts and such, not sure if I have anything of your other guys, will have to LYK tomorrow as I am at work all day and then halloween festivities tonite.

Would love to try and work something out for all of those lees.