Awesome week of Spring Training IP Autos

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Apr 7, 2008
New York City
The week started ominously with 50 degree weather and rain but as it heated up so did my auto successes. Here they go..


On MLB baseball

Asdrubal Cabrera
Jhonny Peralta (Cool guy who asks if you want the auto on the sweet spot)
Sandy Alomar Jr.!!!!!
Lonnie Chisenhall
Carlos Santana!!
Grady Sizemore!!!!!!!
Bob Feller

On Card
Justin Masterson

White Sox


Tyler Flowers (great guy)
Gordon Beckham (Really great and funny guy)
Omar Vizquel!!!!

On Card
Alexei Ramirez
Mark Teahan


Cliff Lee (OMLB)

(All OMLB)
Donnie Baseball
Casey Blake
Andre Ethier

Hoping to get some Reds tomorrow and possibly a few more Indians. Overall great experience and the players have been amazingly cool so far. I feel 12 again! I'll scan when I get home.
Thanks all, I have concluded my trip with two pretty good On ball autos at the Brewers-Cubs game. Didn't get Braun or Fielder like I was hoping but sometimes it's the the one you don't expect that is the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise.

Jim Edmonds - Brewers
Ryne Sandberg - Cubs!!!! Almost missed him because the crowd was so deep on the left side of the dugout that he didn't get to me but on my way to my seat he started signing on the other side, closer to home plate, and I ran down and nabbed it. He was a personal fave as a kid so that was a great one.

It's time to go back to the rain and cold but at least I have some great memories to keep me warm until baseball actually starts.

THanks for looking and I'll have pics up when I get back next week.