AWSOME day @ the angels game vs blue jays

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
well went to the game. went 1 hour early (wife dosent like to go early) and standing by the dugout was going for all stars. bought 7 balls and thought id try diff teams. bautiesta said he had to change. wells blew everyone off...and john buck said sure and signed for me first. got a all star ball auto by the logo as i asked. great guy.

standing there i saw fred lewis at the end of the dugout waving to someone to come get aball...didnt look twice just was trying to get wells. well my wife comes over about 5 min later and said some player waved her down w/ my son and gave her a baseball...VERY COOL! wished i payed more attention now lol. so my son 2 yrs old was happy. his own ball and 1st BP ball....
next we sat @ our seats. and my wife turns to me around the 3rd inning and said i have seen that guy, hes on a show w/ a bunch of "pop ups" i was thinking and thinking. a inning later i said BLIND DATE and she was like yes! so i love that show and got a picture w/ Roger Lodge the host of it. great guy!

so all in all got a allstar auto, a BP ball and a pic w/ a celeb....nice day. spent the day w/ my wife and son. can life get better??? o ya the angels won! ;)