AWSOME IP day today at the races!!!! pics

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
ok so every year i look forward for this day. media day for the long beach grand prix. its the celeb race w/ the pros. last year i was the only auto hound and this year was the same! kinda nice when you dont have to fight people for a spot. anywho got 3 pics and 4 baseballs auto. got everyone on my list except one...didnt wanna wait anymore. started work @ 230 am got off @ 630 am to get a spot. got there (downtown) @ 7 and camped out. they started coming in @ 8 and going srt8 to change into race suits. except a stray....coming towards me to smoke.... keanu reeves! grabed my pic and asked and he said sure. 1 down 6 more to go. after the media was interviewing them i started calling them over one at a time. i was on the outskirts of the chain link fence. i didnt have a wrist band so i had to play sidelines groupie. anywho got the following people
pictures 8x10
keanue reeves (actor)
adrian brody (oscar actor)
tony hawk (skateboarder) (love the forhead tattoo auto lol)

baseballs i love asking for them to sign the "sweet spot" this is what i get...LOL
adam carrolla (radio/ dance stars)
zach levi (chuck tv show)
christian slater (actor fav movie and a tattoo on my arm because of it PUMP UP THE VOLUME) my tat is what i asked to inscribe it with "so be it"
and yes
patrick dempsey aka mcdreamy (actor)

all these guys were soooo nice and didnt snub me so big kudos! only guy i missed was mr. warburton (voice actor emporers new groove, seinfeld (devils hockey fan) rules of engagements, the tick yada yada

sorry for the loooong read but sooo much fun! cant wait for next year!