Babe Ruth , Honus Wagner and Yankees lot F/S

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5.00 star(s)
Lot #1. Babe Ruth Lot 1933 Goudey Reprint's #53,#144,#149 and #181 (4) Card lot Sleeved and In Top Loaders Delivered in a Bubble Mailer With DC# $7.00 DLVD

Lot #2. Honus Wagner Lot (12) Card lot Sleeved And Delivered in a Bubble Mailer with DC# $6.50 DLVD

Lot #3. Small Flat Rate full Of sleeved Yankees (200) Cards Ruth, Mantle, Jeter, Berra, Ford , Cano ,Granderson, Dion Sanders,Mize, Rizzito, Rookies, Sparkles, Inserts, some SN Cards,YSL, archives Loaded with stars Delivered in a small flat rate box all cards are sleeved $40.00 DLVD.