Back for a while and need help IDing an auto on a new flea market pickup/steal.

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May 11, 2007
Clinton NY
Hello all
Back for a few weeks after being at sea off and on since Jan. We transitted from Norfolk to San Diego and I have found an awesome flea market in San Diego and have picked up a piece for an amazing $5.00 which is a huge steal. It was framed and I knew it had autos but some are faded to varying degrees and I thought that the auto on the picture of Bird may be his. With all of that said the autos on the photo include Doc Blanchard/Glenn Davis(under their photo), Tom Dempsey(Bottom Right), Gale Sayers(upper right and faded), Haglers(on his pic and very faded) and finally Walter Payton (on top of Bird). I was shocked when I looked at it better in the light and his signature jumped out at me and I couldnt believe my luck considering I paid $5.00. There is one auto I cannot ID and I need help. Its below Doc Blanchards auto and I just cannot figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks: AJ



Cant figure this one out below Blanchard.

Walter Payton
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That's Mark Spitz - I pulled his auto from a pack of A&G last year.

Hello All
Thats it and thanks for the help all. So the piece hase Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis, Tom Dempsey, Gale Sayers Walter Payton and Mark Spitz. Not bad for $5.00. Thanks again for the help.