Back from vacation: 1 auto, 1 GU, 1 RTS

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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
Pretty disappointing from the time I left until I got back. I went up to try and get some of the New Orleans Saints players at the mall before we left for vacation and there were over 3,000 people there and I didn't get ANYTHING signed :( Benson, let me know if you want me to send your customs back to you or what you want me to do as far as those go; redsfan I still have not gotten anything from you...?

I got back and had a RTS from Dave Moates. I had gotten a return from him a few months ago as well and got this card back unsigned in my SASE. Ohwell, he has a great success rate for anyone who still wants to send to him.

I did manage to get 1 free card from a member on SCN for my Stars collection and a pretty sweet Rangers GU card. Not horrible, but was hoping for a couple more envelopes, lol. I did get my iPod touch today when we got home from vacation though so I guess that is another perk! :D

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welcome back buddy, you should get my pkg tom. or Tues. hopefully.
Thanks guys!

Bill, I am looking forward to it. Maybe mail just didn't run as well because of the holiday, or at least I will let myself think that, haha.
Hey Andrew.Welcome back.Nice Quad bat card there.Congratulations.
My next door neighbor was in Orlando too, did you see her?:p

Feel free to keep the customs, maybe there will be another signing around there sometime. I don't really have any use for them, but it did get me in gear to design a new custom, which I've sent out to some old football players this week.
I had the same problem with Moates recently. Just returned my card unsigned, no reason given. Perhaps he is no longer signing?
Thanks guys.

Spiff: I dunno, but he signed two for me before so I guess it's good that I got him when I did. Do you need him still? I have a logo card I would be willing to trade if interested.

Benson: No problem man, I will keep em and hope they come back here at some point for another signing.

redsfan24: Still nothing as of 1/5/2010. I will keep you posted though.