Bad Gateway Message?

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Jan 22, 2005
Mechanicsville, VA
The past week or so when I try to log onto The Bench from home (I have Netzero dial-up Internet), I get a Bad Gateway message and can't load the site. Is anyone else having this issue? I am at work right now, so I was able to check my threads and PM's. However, it seems that I haven't gotten anything new in a few days, so i'm wondering if other's are having this same issue.

I do most of my trading on The Bench, and it's by far my favorite place to trade. I hope this is something that is being taken care of, and that's it's not just my slow rediculous Internet service...Any help, feedback, or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Please email me at [email protected], just in case I am not able to access the site from my home. Thanks in advance!

I had a message last weekend saying that the site was not available. I called the cable company and told them and they rest my modem and that fixed the problem

Hope this helps!!

I had a message last weekend saying that the site was not available. I called the cable company and told them and they rest my modem and that fixed the problem

Hope this helps!!


I wish that was the case...but I have dial up...I don't know what to do with that! Thanks for the reply. Maybe I can google some help.
I have a problem with my Internet Explorer....the last few weeks. It allows me access to all of the other sites but the Bench! It was acting this way for about 2 1/2 days...then it was working again....last time it was only a few hours. Best regards, David
Yeah, this was out of the blue...irritating!!! I have Netzero 3G, and the hi-speed option is always on. However, I googled this problem, and another Netzero subscriber had the same problem and turned the hi-speed OFF. I tried that, and here I works! I can't wait until DSL or cable Internet makes its way here, because i'll dump Netzero and all their crap in a second! Rediculous!

Thanks to both of you guys for the replies. I'm just glad I can access this site again. Now my problem is being able to stay up for a little while to browse the boards...gotta get up for work at 4:45am, ahhh man!
yea i have dsl and resetting the modem never did the job for me, what did the trick i have no flipping clue, but its not just a dial up issue, it has somehting to do with how the dns is subscribed to this site becasue i had a link on my favs that ws bad, the link in charm city cards is bad, then i tried a link in a thread in facebook and whop im in. but something is really fisher here with our link i just get a page cant be found error, i dropped IE and tried oh whats that other browser i forget and it did the same thing, google chrome finally gave me the error you described too. anyways... lets hope this time it sticks lol...

getting database error tonight. hope were not loosing our bench again.
oldmarine - we have checked everything and this is not a site issue. I wish I could help you but I dont have any technical knowledge other than what we have talked about in recent threads about this matter.
The guys correct......I also got this message: Server to I checked out ebay and came back 20 minutes later and The Bench was working again. Best regards, David
seems that to resolve the bad gateway or loss of connection to the bench its a DNS error and a simple flush of the dns will not always resolve this issue. after some extensive talks with a microsoft tech it seems that you may have a issue between the proxy server and the individua pc's and a way to fix it is to use the specifit and dns instead of auto detect dns. works for me so far ,so we will see how long it works and get back to ay all after a while.