Bargain for me?

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no in my opion....its on a cubs baseball. will bleed. should of got it on a OMLB rawlings.....its that fake leather like the sweet spots that are 2 cents
honestly its cool for the moment, few years from now if that long you will regret it if he turns out to be a big name. I'd honestly say if you have the money sell that one and get it on a ROMLB. There is also a trick I've read about if you get a certain kind of Krylon clear coat spray paint and lightly put a few coats on the ball over the sig it will last. Never tried it myself but I could go dig for where I read it and let you know exactly what kind if your intrested. Remember it had to be Krylon and a specific number because the off brand stuff would yellow.
its somewhere on SCN, the guy and I wanna say his dad have been doing it for many years with balls signed in sharpie and things like that. I'd have to go do some digging
ok found it, its posted from lutherlafy on there who I say is a pretty credible guy and I'm sure the other member's here that are also on that site would agree.

One way to do it and to keep the autograph protected is to spray your baseball with some KRYLON CRYSTAL CLEAR 1301 spray paint. This will keep your autograph from fading away and it will keep baseball that have been signed with a sharpie from bleeding. The late great collector Barry Halper protected all his autograph baseballs this way including his Babe Ruth's, Lou Gehrig's Ty Cobbs, etc.... If you use the Krylon Brand it will not turn your baseballs yellow over time. I have baseballs that were signed 25 - 30 years ago that look like they were taken out of the box and signed today!!! Good Luck and Happy collecting!!!!
One more thing about this and I will be done.
I am not trying or wanting to argue over this I am just trying to help my fellow collectors preserve their collections as I have been showed by my uncle and Barry Halper. I would not be passing this information along if I did not believe in it. I would never want to do anything to ruin anyone's baseballs or their collections. I have been spraying my baseballs ever since I got my first autographed baseball over 30 years ago and I have never had any problems at all. I will admit I do have some baseballs that have turned brown or yellow but it is not because of the spray. (unless it was the few that I did spray with the cheap wal-mart brand of spray when I first started doing this and before my uncle showed me that the KRYLON was non yellowing)
Some do have brown spots on them which I think is fingerprints from being held or toning from being in the box they came in.
But if you do have a baseball that is fading and you sprayed it right now it will not fade anymore. The spraying will stop it from continuing to fade. This has been my experience with the spraying method. I have over 300 autographed baseballs in my collection and all are sprayed. Most of them I got signed in person others I have purchased but I have sprayed them all.
I do not use the UV protected holders. I just use regular cubes.