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Base Team Lots FS / FT


5.00 star(s)
Base Team Lots FS / FT- great for team set building, kids collections etc. You will NOT find RCs here, but some stars are included. Will ship in a 200ct box. Products include:

-2019 Series 2 [about 25% of stacks], 19 Bowman, 19 A+G, 19 GQ / OD / /DK /Donruss / Heritage, 17 Topps Chrome, 18 and 16 Archives, and for some nostalgia, a little 99 Ultra and 06 Bowman Heritage.

If you have any interest in teams not listed, I can make up the stacks at the same cost per. Prices are dlvd and picture of Yankees here is indicative of content for all teams.

Yankees ~165 cards $16
Red Sox ~133 cards $13
Cubs ~143 cards $14
Phillies ~120 cards $12
Braves ~118 cards $11
Indians ~135 cards $13
Mets ~151 cards $15
Cardinals ~150 cards $15
Dodgers ~110 cards $11
Astros ~80 cards $9

Alternatively, I'd trade a team box for a Pirates base box or trade down to a few single cards at 60% value or so of the base boxes.