Base/Update Topps needs '71-present

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Brewer Andy

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I'm looking for the following base Topps cards from 1971 through present. These are easy, mostly cheap, multiplayer, etc cards that aren't generally considered part of any team set but they all feature at least one Brewer on them so I wanna add them to my team sets. A few I need replaced from TTM use. Let me know if you have any of these available and thanks for checking! I've purged most of my non PC so I'm mostly looking to buy (which makes this harder!) so larger deals/lots are probably easiest.


1975: 28 Tom Murphy
1977: 488 Dan Thomas/Jack Clark RC
1981: 3 League Leaders
1992: 126 Prospects
1992 Traded: 65T Pat Listach
2005: 347 League Leaders, 348 League Leaders
2008: 298 NL Leaders
2011: 92 Chris Narveson
2012: 143 George Kottaras
2013: 45 Travis Ishikawa, 307 Norichika Aoki
2014: 494 Rob Wooten

Also need the following Topps Traded/Update full team sets if anyone has any lots or broken sets (number in parenthesis is how many cards are in the set):
1995 (5)
2000 (3)
2001 (7)
2002 (6)
2003 (9)
2004 (4)
2005 (12)
2007 (13)
2008 (12)

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