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Planning on ordering a box of a dozen official major league baseballs, ebay has been about the best prices i've seen so far at around $120 a dozen. Is this a good price?

Also, i saw one time where someone posted something about "autograph balls" which were made from the same leather as mlb balls but at a cheaper price. They just didnt say mlb on them but still signed great and didnt fade. Does anyone know what im talking about, because i would like to order a box of these as well for guys that i dont want to use one of the expensive balls on.

Also, has anyone ever gotten official mlb balls signed with one of the blue Staedtler fine point markers? I know these work great on cards, but was wondering if they sign good on baseballs? Do they bleed or fade or anything like that?

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You may want to PM member "Drock" He does alot of IP work with different types of things, He may have the best answer for you.