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91dr elite series1-8 NEED: BONDS, CANSECO,,
92 donruss elite series 9-18 /10000 Need: boggs Griffey,puckett,
93 de elite series 19-36 Need: sandberg, ,walker
(have yount legend)

94 donruss spirit of the game (10) have dykstra,olerud, bonds

94 dr elite 37-48 NEED Thomas, bonds,Griffey,

94 leaf mvp silver contender /10000 need:clark, fielder,j gonzo,ripken, Thomas,bagwell, Jeffries mcgrifflarkin, sanders, m Williams,
94 select skills have grissom, lofton, bonds
94 sportsflix going/gone have bonds,salmon, cartermwilliams m, piazza, Sheffield,Thomas, belle
94 sportsflix movers need fielder, baerga,mattingly,carter
94 sportflix shakers have many, bags
94 triple play bomb squad 2,15

95 dr elite series49-60 /10000 have maddux, mcgriff, m williams

95 flair infield power have gallaragga
95 pinnacle red hot need ripken, Griffey,Thomas, bonds, belle, puckett, Mondesi,carter,sanders, Clemens white and red hot
95 select cant miss need ,Floyd, c. johnson, a. gonzo, Anderson,Mondesi,
95 select big stcks need: thomas, ripken,Griffey,piazza. Gwynn,mattingly
95 select sure shots have hermanson, Christensen, buchannan
95 select rookie surge need ,hammonds ,
95 stadium club power zone have molitor, carter.thomas, fielder, bagwell
Stadium club crunch time (20) have j. carter,bichette, clark
95 ULTRA 2ND YEAR STANDOUTS HAVE 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,12
95 ultra power plus(6) have belle 1
Ud steal of a deal(15)have baerga, mattingly alomar/carter,mcgriff, karsay,eckersley, bags
95 zenith z team(18) need piazza, ripken,Griffey

96 col choice yctg silver see thru have BONDS 23,10 thomas, 15, castilla,17 fielder, tettleton,m.vaughn,Edmonds, griffey 1 chipper,bags, sheff(also gold fielder, Thomas, Griffey,gant Williams, karros,
96 dr elite have(61-72) need Griffey and ripken

96 flair hot gloves (10) have lofton

96 pacific flame thrower have nomo,mussina, maddux, clemensglaviner. johnson
.96 pinnacle skylines have maddux, vaughn ,piazza
96 pinnacle power (20)have Williams , thomas,piazza, murray, Edmonds, manny,bichette
96 pinnacle first rate *(18) have bonds, GRIFFEY,manny, CHIPPER

Score titanic taters have Klesko, Sheffield,piazza, buhner,hundley,salmon
96 select en fuego(25) need Griffey,bonds,piazza, chipper,puckett, sheffiled, r. Johnson,arod,

96 sports flix double take have: piazza/Irod, maddux/nomo, many/sosa, mondesi/belle, ripken/larkin

96 stadium club bash and burn(10) need gant, sanders, bonds
96 stadium club power packed HAVE PIAZZA, buhner
96 stadium club metalists have Eckersley, maddux
96studio hit parade gwynn, salmon

96 summit hitters inc.(16) 1, gwynn, thomas
96.7 toops laser bright spots(16) have snopek, kieschnick,kieschnick.

96 ultra hr king (12) need Canseco
96 ulrta call to the hall (10) have maddux
96 ULTRA RAWHIDE have GRIFFEY 4, maddux, alomar, lofton, bonds grace piazza
96 ultra power plus(12) have walker,salmon, palmeiro, bags, manny
96 ultra rbi king have manny, bell, bichette, sosa, sanders, bonds
96 ultra thunder clap (20) PINK need: Canseco,clark,gonzo, Griffey,murrAY, PUCKETT, RIPKEN, THOMAS

96 ultra golden prospects need alcantara, singleton, monds,

96 ultra golden prospects gold med need alcantara,, batista, cox, CAMERON, DYE, hildalgo,Jennings, Maxwell, singleton, monds, , W. GUERRERO,IBANEZ,

96 UD run producersHave Vaughn,mc griff,Canseco,buhner,m. Williams,lofton, salmon,many, Thomas,gwynn

1997 flair hot gloves have maddux, Alomar, grissom, JGONZO

97 flair showcase diamond cuts (20) need Griffey, hundley,a iones,jeter, arod,

97 fleer bleacher blasters have piazza, belle

97 fleer lumber co need Anderson, piazza, mcgwire,bagwell, burks,gallaragga, sosa, Klesko, griffey

97 prism gate attractions have l.johnson, molitor, nomo, SOSA, boggs, bags,
MADDUX, a jones, c. jones GALLARAGGA,mcgwire, gwynn caminiti

1997 Stadium club firebrand have Vaughn, jgonzo, gallaragga,mcgwire
97 Stadium Club, Patent Leather need irod,griffey
97 sta

1997 topps sweet strokes(15) have Edgar, Thomas, piazza, mcgwire, raffy, belle, grace
TOPPS TEaM TIMBER HAVE BELLE, MCGWIRE, bernie, brady,caminiti, palmeiro, bonds, gallaragga Anderson,juan gon Vaughn,piazza, bagwell thomas

97 ultra rbi king have buhner, vaughn, j gonzo, griffey
97 ultra hitting machines18 have piazza, murraylk

97 ultra power plus(12) have mcgwire, belle,gonzo Thomas, piazza chipper, m. Williams, Vaughn sosa

97 ud power package need: Griffey,palmeiro,Sheffield, salmon,bonds, Canseco, j gonzo, many r

98 aurora on deck lazer cuts have boggs,walker,grieve, j gonzo, jeter, cruz, piazza, mcgwire, arod, maddux,Griffey, chipper

98 aurora cel fusions have rolen, NOMO CRUZ, Clemens

98 circa quick strike need arod

98 donruss dominators(30) have Griffey, piazza

98 donruss hit list have salmon

98 dr elite series have chipper,mcgwire, jgonzo, cruz,

98 eo portraits omega have maddux, irod, wood,lee, gonzo, arod,chipper, gwynn, piazza.

98 finest centurions have rolen, l. Hernandez, lee, cruz,wright,walker,konerko

98 leaf rookies/stars greatest hits*20) have grieve, ripken, Thomas,arod,gwynn, Griffey, justice

98 pacific in the cage coll have irod, JUSTICE, edgar, Alomar, arod mcgwiregwynn need rest

98 paramount team checklist have Clemens, grieve,hundley, hernande,zyoung
Ripken Thomas,Griffey, bagwell piazza bonds,gwynn, vlad, palmer, BOGGS
98 paramount special delivery nomar.maddux, ripken, chipper grieve,nomo, cruz, vlad, mcwire,, arod, piazza, justicw, gwynnbonds,mcgwirepedro
98 paramount fielders choice have maddux, iROD, THOMAS, GRIEVE,Sheffield, justicw
Cruz, nomo, boggs, PIAZZA,nomar, ripken, jeter,arod, walker,bagwell,Vaughn, bernie

98 pinnacle performers power trip(10) have bagwell arod
98 pinnacle first pitch have maddux, clemens,mcgwire,arod, ripken, belle

98 revolution foul pole have piazza, j gonzo, NOMAR, THOMAS, AROD,GRIEVE, alou, mcgriwe, MANNY, castilla, Sheffield, lee, bernie, irod, sosa

98 skybox dugout access gronks (10) have thomas, vaughn

98 studio hit parade (20)have clark, gwynn

98 Upper deck amazing greats/2000 need vaughn, mcgriwe manny, nomar,Clemens, tino.bonds,gallaragga, lofton walker,molitor,belle,griffey

98 upper deck amazing greats die cut/250 have alomar, Sheffield, cruz, bagwell need rest

98 ud national pride have nomo sosa, walker edgar vladalou, Guillen, piazza,pedro,many,raffy

98 ultra prime leather bonds
98 ultra win now needThomas,nomo.cruz,
98 Ultra fall classics(15) have Griffey, thomas

99 bow best franchise best mach /500 have nomar, arod

99 FINEST PEAL AND REVEAL HAVE MADDUX, bagwell, lee, BAGWELL, chipper, burrell

99 FINEST PEAL AND REVEAL SPARKLE HAVE MADDUX, Clemens, sosa, bagwell, gallaragga, garciaparra, grieve, wood, bonds, bagwell, HELTON, mcgwire, juan gonzo, arod, mcgwire, VLAD, Thomas, guerreoro

99 Finest peal and reveal hyperplad have vlad, bonds, lee, sosa, clemens , AROD, WOOD, helton, mcgwire, gallaragga, grieve

99 Metal planet metal have rolen, lee, gonzo,piazza,a jones, ripken,erstadbags, mcgwier, bags

99 pacific home run heroes have Canseco, sosa, belle, Vaughn, Griffey, mcgwire, vaughn

99 pacific crown colletion (cup cards) have gwynn, ripken, sosa, mcgwire.
Nomar, arod, thomas
99 pacific in the cage have drew, mcgwire, thomas, e. Martinez, piazza, alou

99 paramount fielders choice have arod, IROD, chipper, MC GWIRE, thomas, nomar,b. Williams,j.gonzo,wood,drew,,sosa, Ramirez,helton,

Bernie,ripkn, rolen, mcgwire nomar, mondesi

99 revolutionThorn in side have nomar, mcgwire, maddux, Vaughn, arod,piazza
99 diamond legacy have nomar

99 SKYBOX THUNDER DIAL 1 need j.gonzo,chipper,

99 sports illustrated fabulous 40 (13)have palmeiro, arod,castilla, mcgwire, griffey

99 stadium club triumvirate luminous need
3 b griffey, 6 a bagwell, 9b nomar, 10 a helton, 13 c grieve, 14 a sosa, 14 c bonds, 5 b thome, 15 c tino,

99 stadium club triumvirate luminescent have Vaughn 1a, caminiti 1b,buhner 3a, 3a arod,12 a chipper, 14 a t8a sosa, 8c wood, biggio 6b,7a nomar, helton 10A,lee t10b,TINO 15C, j. gonzo t 13a, grieve 13c, 6c Johnson, 3b griffey, payrod t9a, gallaragga 16b grace 8ba jones2a,vaugn7c,need rest

99stadium club triumvirate illuminator have 4a jeter, 2b chipper gallaraga 2c, BIGGIO 6B, tino 4b,1a g. Vaughn

1999 Topps Gallery Awards Gallery AG10 have Larry Walker, clemens

99 topps chromlords of diamond NEED GRIFFEY,NOMAR,GONZO, BAGS

99 ultra rbi kings NEED PALMEIRO, MANNY,G. VAUGHN


99 ud wonder years(30) need vaughn, sosa,grieve,many, tino, gwynn, bonds, wood, gallaragga,
99 wonder years/2000 r. johnson
1999 UD Century Legends All Century Team #AC3 Willie Mays, banks,dent, gibson
1999 UD Century Legends Memorable Shots #HR8 Mickey Mantle
99 ud epic milestonesaaron

00 bow crome metoric rise have nomar , Griffey, mcgwire,piazza, maddux, ripken, chipper

00 crown royal proofs have ripken, maddux, nomar, JETER, manny, pedro,,thome, green, Bernie, casey,SORIANO

00 Finest For the Record have Chipper Jones #10b: SOSA 7C, nomar 5a, piazza 10)9b, ripken 6b
00 finest ballpark bounties have J. hamilton
00 Impact point of impact need Griffey,jeter,

00 omega eo portraits have maddux, jeter, mcgwire, piazza,nomar,ankiel,gwynn,guerreropedro,burrell,irod,Sheffield,sosa

00 Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage have Manny Ramirez #8, irod 20 nomar 4

00 pacific gold crown die cuts a. jones

00 paramount fielders choice have maddux, NOMAR. A JONES, irod, griffey, many, casey, gwynn, arod, walker, sosa, Bernie piazza

00 prism center stage die cut have bags, mcgwire

Oo revolution net fusions foul pole have bagwell, pedro chipper, jeter, vlad, irod,nomar, piazza, ankiel

00 stadium club 3x3 illuminator need bonds, jeter,ventura, Griffey, bell, bagwell,Canseco,randy chipper,lieberthal, mcgwire, bernie

00 s.c 3 x 3 luminescent have biggio, pedro, sosa, l. gonzo, Ramirez, bell, canseco, a jones, lieberthal 2c, Bichette 7c, ventura 5c, jeter 6b, a. jones 8c, bonds 7a
9 c j. gonzo,

00 s.c.c. Eyes of the game refractor need nomar, piazza, gwynnhave mcgwire, walker, jeter , r. Johnson, sosa , arod griffey

00 stadium club clear shots refractor need CLEMENS, chipper Griffey, many, j gonzo, b Williams
00 topps chrome power plus belle Mondesi, sosa

00 topps glistening gold have pedro
00 topps gallery proof positive have burnett/pedro, jeter Soriano, sosa/patterson, mcgwire/burrell , piazza/munson, bomar/ozuna, mateo/griffey

00 topps hd ballparkfigures (10)grieve, griffey
00 topps hd clearly refined (10) haveburrell, soriano, johnson, Hamilton, begeron
00 Topps HD image (10)
00 Topps HD cutting edge (10) have walker guerrero, a jones, bags,

01 ud yankee legends golden years howard, maris, martin
01 ud yankee legends new dynasty Guidry, Winfield, gossage

00 ud one for the ages mcgwire
Upper deck legends:
00 Defining moments(10) have mays, Clemens, mcgwire, ruth, fisk
00 eternal glory (6)have mays,clemens, sosa
00 mlilenial team)9) have mays, Griffey, ruth, schmidt
00 reflexions in time have ryan/Clemens,Schmidt/chipper
Gehrig/ripken,ruth mcgwire

01 donruss all time diamind kings have schmidt
01 Donruss elite series have chipper, AROD, bernie,r. johnson, arod,irod,vlad, clemens /2500 es6
01 fleer genuine high interest(15) have a jones, mcgwire, HELTON, maddux, BAGS,jeter
01 fleer lumber co have vlad, bonds, erstad
01 FLEER LEGACY HOT GLOVES have Palmeiro, maddux

01 fleer premium time for heroes(20) have helton, green, Delgado, glaus, JETER, sosa, Griffey, BURRELL, nomarDREW,erstad, a jones

01 fleer premium decade of excellence have glaus, ankiel, fisk, seaver, reggie Jackson, reese, slaughter, mattingly, Schmidt, rizzuto, IROD CHIPPER,MADDUX,MARIS,j. ROBINSON, GREENBERG , FOXX, carlton, ruth/Gehrig


01 TOPPS WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN chrome: HAVE chrome dihigo, leonard, lloyd

01 topps before topps have dimaggio wagner mathewson, Gehrig, ruth,dimaggio,w. johnson,cobb, Hornsby alexander,young, johnson

01 topps golden greats, have ted, ernie,seaver.chen zito, ripken, mays,Koufax, Thomas,burroughs, BONDS, SCHMIDT, MCGWIREirod, helton, bench,Clemens,arod,sosa,vlad,mcgwire,m. Williams,glaus,vaughn,

01 topps tradition continues have maddux, Thomas, sosa, rolen,Griffey,thome,many,helton,walker,vlad, green, arodClemens, pedro, randy j,

01 topps noteworthy need arod, chipper,nomar, r. johnson,piazza, giambi, mays, J. robinson, Williams,ruth,ryan,Gibson, reggie, bench,banks, ,snider, aaron,clemente

01 topps hd 20-20 (10) have arod, Griffey,alomar sosa

01 topps HD Game defined (10) have vlad,sosa

01 ultra greatest hits (10) have mcgwire,pedro, gwynn, irod,arod, ripken, helton, griffey
01 ultra power plus nomar

01 ud monument park (6)Gehrig, MANTLEhoward dimggio ruth, munson
01 ud murderers row (10) ruth, combs, hoyt, dugan, RUFFINGdickey
01 ud 20 cent showcase banks, paige,ryan, young, dimaggio, MANTLE SCHMIDT, gibson, mantle, killebrew
2001 Upper Deck Legends Reflections in Time #R6 K.Griffey Jr./F.Robinson, Mays bonds, young/pedro
01 ud power plus mcrir
02 donruss elite legends spahn, Gibson, f. obbie,
Donruss elite series/2500 have schilling, helton
2002 Fleer Tradition Lumber Company have 21 Jace Brewer
03 avant wall of frame(14) /299 have ford, rizzuto, KILLEBREW, brooks, Schmidt, Gibson
03 donruss elite series/1500 have nomar BONDS,es8
03 studio /25 have giambi, hunter
03 showcase hot gloves jersey maddux
03 studio gold /100 have Soriano, arod, thome, walker, giambi, mussina, BURRELL,SPIVEYCONTRERAS,PEDRO,NOMARberkman many,ordonez,hunter,helton.kearns,Tejada, need rest
O4 donruss elite series/1500 manny, jeter
06 fleer lumber co have Chavez glaus, Delgado abreu
06 showcase hot gloves have rolen, Hudson, erstad, hamptin

2009 Topps Legends of the Game Career BestHAVE #LG Lou Gehrig,#MO Mel Ott,roy Campanella,,Ty Cobb $4.00C. Mathewson,,G. Sisler.H. Wagner
,R. HornsbyT. Speaker,W. Johnson


2014 Donruss Elite Dominators (a/b 60 total) / 999) have:)
#1 Adrian Beltre, #1 Jered Weaver, 2 Adrian Gonzalez, 3 Brandon Belt, 3 Stephen Strasburg,4 Clayton Kershaw,5 Cliff Lee, 6 David Ortiz, 6 Matt Harvey, 7 David Wright, 9 Robinson Cano, 11 Prince Fielder,12 Hyun-Jin Ryu, 13 Yoenis Cespedes, 13b Ichiro,14 Joe Mauer, 14 Matt Kemp,15 James Shields, 16 Pablo Sandoval,17 Josh Donaldson, 17 Mark Trumbo, 18 Madison Bumgarner, 18 Carlos Gonzalez, 19 Max Scherzer, 19 Edwin Encarnacion, 20 Chad Billingsley, 22 Craig Biggio, 23 Paul Goldschmidt, 25 Sonny Gray, 26 Starling Marte. 27 Troy Tulowitzki, 27 Pedro Martinez,
28 Wil Myers, 28 Curt Schilling,30 Yordano Ventura

2014 Donruss The Elite Series #ed / 999) HAVE:
#1a Brandon Phillips, 2a Kris Medlen, 3a David Ortiz, #3b Bryce Harper, 5a Evan Gattis 6A Paul Konerko, 8 David Wright, 9 Paul Goldschmidt, 10a Jay Bruce, 10b chris sale, 12b Domonic Brown, 13a Gerrit Cole, 13b Edwin Encarnacion, 14b Evan Longoria,15 A Stephen Strasburg 16A Paul O’neill, 19a chipper jones, 20b Jurickson Profar (no more a/b), 23 Miguel Cabrera, 25 Pablo Sandoval, 27 Robinson Cano, 30 Yu Darvish

2014 panini hall of fame elite series (not numbered looks exactly like the dr elite series have:
16 George Sisler

2015 Donruss Dominator (Sparkly green / 999) have:
#3 Yoenis Cespedes, 6 Buster Posey, 7 Robinson Cano, 12 Pujols 16 Nolan Arenado, 20 Rusney Castillo, 24 Maikel Franco,

2015 Donruss The Elite Series/999 Have:
#3 Dustin Pedroia, 4 Troy Tulowitski,6 Rusney Castillo,
9 Madison Bumgarner,10 Adrian Beltre, 11 Starling Marte,
12, Kershaw,13 Giancarlo Stanton,15 Josh Donaldson, 23 soler, 25 Maikel Franco

2016 Elite Dominators (Sparkly blue - #ed / 999) have:
ED1 Carlos Correa, ED6 Miguel Cabrera, ED10 Nolan Arenado, ED11 Josh Donaldson, ED13 Jake Arrieta, ED14 Dallas Keuchel,ED15 Madison Bumgarner, ED16 Buster Posey,ED17 Alcides Escobar, ED18 Clayton Kershaw, ed 19 bogaerts, ED21 Matt Duffy, ED25 Joey Votto

2016 Donruss Elite Series #ed / 999) Have:
#ES1 Jacob deGrom, ES3 Troy Tulowitski, ES5 Manny Machad0, ES7 Kevin Kiermaier, ES8 Brandon Crawford,
ES9 A.J. Pollock, ES10 Paul Goldschmidt, ES11 Matt Harvey ES12 Nelson Cruz, ES13 Kendrys Morales, ES14 Prince Fielder, es 15 Correa, ES17 Luis Severino RC, ES24 Adam Jones,ES25 Robinson Cano

2017 dr elite series /999 frazier es 8
2020 dr elite series e-2 baez