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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
Last night we went to the BayBears/Brons game in Mobile. It was raining when we got there, but only lasted for about 15-20 minutes. After it stopped, the grounds crew did their thing and got the field ready to play. Apparently the other team was pissed about it, because they didn't wanna play that their manager went stomping around the entire outfield to make it look like there were puddles everywhere and it was "unsafe" to play. All the BayBears players and coaches were pissed off, but it did make for an easy time of graphing since the guys were just walking around waiting to see what the outcome was going to be. I was able to get everything signed that I had, and started a team bat as is what I came away with...

Rico Brogna - 6/6 (1 for wmhc28413, 2 for elmesero5)
Turner Ward - 6/6 (1 for elmesero5, 2 for McGillicutty)
Dan Carlson - 1/1
Abe Woody - 2/2
Ed Easley - 3/3
Pat McAnaney - 1/1
Kory Casto - 1/1
Bryan Shaw - 2/2






Players on the team bat so far:

Jeff Dietz
Abe Woody
Jake Wald
Kory Casto
Evan Frey
Collin Cowgill
Ollie Linton
Cyle Hankerd
Bryan Byrne
Kyler Newby
Tom Layne
Konrad Schmidt
Josh Collmenter
Ed Easley
Jacob Elmore
Taylor Harbin
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bro that bat looks awesome so far, congrats on the pick ups!!! and thanks for helping me out with brogna!!!
nice job......your boy Big Game Hunter looked pretty good yesterday. I bet he dropped 10 pounds pitching in that heat...mailed the OKC cards to you also!
Sounds good Chris - yeah I got to catch a little of the game on tv before we headed to Mobile. Still have the rest on tivo that we need to watch! :)