BayBears/Lookouts IP - 5/15/2010

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Jun 25, 2008
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Lewisville, TX
The main reason I went to the game last night was to meet former Texas Rangers players John Koronka & Danny Darwin. I met Koronka briefly before the game, but he couldn't talk long because he was starting last night and had to get ready to pitch. Danny Darwin was not at the game because his daughter was graduating, but he should be back on Wednesday so I may try to hit that game and see if I can get him then. Turner Ward seems to be hard to get after games, so I am going to try and get him BEFORE the next game and see if I have better luck with him that way. I had quite a few 50/50 deals that I was working on last night, so thanks to everyone who was a part of that and I hope you like what you see so far. Here is what I was able to come away with...

John Koronka - 2/10 (1 for thehalk)
James Adkins - 1/1 (greatdadx2)
Chris Withrow - 1/1 (greatdadx2)
Thomas Giles - 1/1
Eduardo Perez - 1/1
John Valentin - 1/1
Ed Easley - 1/1 (mort)
Barry Enright - 4/4 (2 for mort)
Bryan Byrne - 2/2
Collin Cowgill - 4/4 (1 for basebal1fan, 1 for elmesero5)
Evan Frey - 2/2
Harvey Garcia - 1/1 (thehalk)









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nice job....sounded like a good time!!
Awesome successes Andrew.Congratulations.
Congrats, if ya do get to meet Dr. Death odds are you will be talking to him for a few. Very friendly guy.
Thats what I have heard. I hope he is back on Wednesday when I go. I talked to the clubhouse manager and he called him last night to check so he should be there...we will see. He is such a great TTM signer, I am sure he will sign whatever I have too.
Great job. I have to say that Barry Enright is one of the nicest guys I think I have ever gotten an IP auto from. He was really extremely cool when I got him here last year.
Another endorsement for Danny Darwin. Last year I remember Esteban Lopez called him "grandpa", lol. Watch out for that double play combo of Pedroza and Gordon, they were great for the Great Lakes Loons last year.;)

hope i can set something up with you....i need Valentin on a Mets card for my collection