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Beckett #3


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I feel you on these. I collect the ones with McGwire on them and they are getting harder and harder to get.


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Staff member
I have a run of those through the first 100 at least. They changed the name later to Sports Cards. I am with you, the card/hobby magazines are not worth much to me, so i am not interested in spending much more than a buck or less an issue, unless there is something special about it.
I just picked up a box of Baseball Card Magazines at an auction a week ago for 5.00 for the whole box. There are probably 25 issues with the cards still in the magazines. I was more than happy to buy the whole box.

I was also wondering what issues of Beckett you are looking for. I am always looking and maybe I can pick up a few for you if you want.


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I just uncovered the list a few weeks back. I'll see if I can dig it up when I am off end of next week. It was more than I remembered, probably 20 issues within the first 50, then I have nearly all up to close to 300.