Beckett My Collections Problem - Just a heads up


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I just sent the following email to Beckett customer service:

"I am having more problems with organize. Apparently, your server decided to mark all 24,000 of my cards listed as "wants" and checked the trade box on every card, effectively rendering the organize tool useless. I just thought I would bring it to your attention. I'm sure that, as usual, there is nothing you can really do about it and that you will not be able to give me a time frame for "fixing" the problem.

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I recommend that you all check out your collections on Beckett to see if the same thing happened to you.


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I cant think of a bigger IT disaster than how they built and continue to maintain that site. It boggles my mind.

David K.

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It has its problem......but I still have fond memories of the Old Beckett Message Board. Plus I got a ton of the YSL's from their Beckett Marketplace for The Bench YSL Project!! Best regards, David


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That has got to be the worst screwup in the history of the internet...It went from soooo good to sooo bad...