Ben Davidson in 6/19...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT
My first wait of over 1 year!

Ben Davidson - 1/1 - slightly over a year!

I almost bought his certified multiple times this year and I am glad I didn't, the TTM turned out great!


Thanks for looking,

I love the '70 Topps signed! Awesome success! Congrats!

Davidson also played a baseball player on probably the worst, or one of the worst, summer replacement sitcoms of all time. I don't remember the name of the series, but it came out in the mid '70's, and starred Jim Bouton as a knuckleball pitcher trying to hang on in the big leagues.
"There's a case of Miller Lite missing!"

I loved this commercial and the ad campaign! Davidson, by the way, was much better in these than he was in that television series. By the way, the television series was also called "Ball Four." Now that was bad, truly bad, television. It was, however, MUCH better than the sequel to "Ozzie & Harriet," called "Ozzie's Girls." That one was so bad my dad, one of the calmest and coolest individuals you would ever meet threatened to throw a soft drink can through the picture tube if we didn't change the station to something...anything other than that!
Oh My
Another dreaded Black and Silver in the bag. Still think you would do better with the Black and Gold
Nice pick up
Job well done